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Health Careers

Health Careers

All first-year Health Careers students complete core studies and then participate in the Certified Nursing Assistant or the Health Careers Exploration course.

Students who choose CNA prepare for clinical training at a long-term care facility. Students study the care of residents/patients, infection control, safety procedures, rehabilitation, and interpersonal/communication skills. Upon completion of classroom, lab, and the clinical experience, students take the Michigan Comprehensive Evaluation Examination to become Certified Nursing Assistants. Students who successfully complete Nursing Assistant and earn their Certified Nursing Assistant certification (CNA), will have the opportunity to participate in either Paid Work-Based Learning or a Health Careers Internship during their second year at TEC.

Students who choose Health Careers Exploration will have the opportunity to learn about six areas within health careers. They will study areas of interest, complete written assignments, and will participate in job shadows at medical facilities that are related to their areas of interest. Students who successfully complete Health Careers Exploration will have the opportunity to be recommended to participate in a Health Careers Internship in their second year at TEC.

Students who want to advance to the second-year must receive the recommendation of their first-year instructor.